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  • AFTER THE BLUES : What Debbie Did Next

    AFTER THE BLUES : What Debbie Did Next
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    ISBN: 9780143786962
    Title: AFTER THE BLUES : What Debbie Did Next
    Author: LETTE KATHY
    Publishing status: DECEMBER 2017 NEW RELEASE

    Now an adult, Debbie from Puberty Blues and her girlfriends reveal what women really say when men aren't around. Oh dear . . .!

    After breaking off with both her best friend and boyfriend on the same day, Debbie fled back to the Shire, enduring her family’s ‘I told you so’s. But it wasn’t long before she found herself again escaping home, this time for the inner city, the workforce and new friends.

    It is the colourful 1980s, a time of music, street arts, continuing experimentation, changing social constructions and new diseases. Despite knowing that women spend more time thinking about what men are thinking than men spend thinking, Debbie and her friends continue to have their hearts and minds tested and broken. Girlfriends are the only people you can rely on to be supportive and uplifting, your human Wonderbras, when you make the right decisions, and the wrong ones, over and over again.

    Hooray for the girls’ night out, the one evening you can’t stand your girlfriends up if a better offer comes along.

    With equal parts humour and pathos, Kathy Lette, one of the pioneering voices of contemporary feminism, exposes all the foolish things we do when we are scrabbling to assert our place in the world.

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