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  • BE LIKE THE FOX : Machiavellis Lifelong Quest for Freedom

    BE LIKE THE FOX : Machiavellis Lifelong Quest for Freedom
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    ISBN: 9781846147074
    Title: BE LIKE THE FOX : Machiavellis Lifelong Quest for Freedom
    Author: BENNER ERICA
    Format: HARD COVER
    Publishing status: ACTIVE TITLE

    A fascinating new biography of Machiavelli, which explores his true character and contradictions as never before.

    One needs to be a fox to recognize snares, and a lion to frighten the wolves.

    Niccolò Machiavelli lived in a fiercely competitive world, one where brute wealth, brazen liars and ruthless self-promoters seemed to carry off all the prizes; where the wealthy elite grew richer at the expense of their fellow citizens. In times like these, many looked to crusading religion to solve their problems, or they turned to a new breed of leaders - super-rich dynasties like the Medici or military strongmen like Cesare Borgia; upstarts from outside the old ruling classes. In the republic of Florence, Machiavelli and his contemporaries faced a choice: should they capitulate to these new princes, or fight to save the city's democratic freedoms?

    Be Like the Fox follows Machiavelli's dramatic quest for political and human freedom through his own eyes. Masterfully interweaving his words with those of his friends and enemies, Erica Benner breathes life into his penetrating, comical, often surprising comments on events. Far from the cynical henchman people think he was, Machiavelli emerges as his era's staunchest champion of liberty, a profound ethical thinker who refused to compromise his ideals to fit corrupt times. But he did sometimes have to mask his true convictions, becoming a great artist of fox-like dissimulation: a master of disguise in dangerous times.

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