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  • 2018 Angkitja Diary

    2018 Angkitja Diary
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    ISBN: 9781864651447
    Title: 2018 Angkitja Diary
    Format: PAPER COVER
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    The famous Jukurrpa ((joo'-kur-pa) now Angkitja (Nng-ket-cha) Diary. Since 1997 IAD Press has presented the cutting-edge in central Australian Aboriginal art, in a high-quality format that will uplift you throughout the year! 340 pages and 25 full-colour plates, with day and year-at-a-glance, with maps of Aboriginal language groups and art centres.
    340 pp; day?to?a?page (except weekends); footer with monthly day/dates
    25 colour plates of Central Australian art from Desart centres, including cover
    Front flap with 2018 year-at-a-glance, and 2017-18-19 calendars
    Back flap with directory of artworks, artists and Centres
    Colour regional map of languages, showing origins of each artwork
    Important dates in the history of Central Australian art and culture
    Dates of arts and music festivals
    Central Arrernte seasonal information
    National and State Holidays and State School Terms
    Contact pages

    Imprint: IAD PRESS
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